Welcome To Tipsy Taxi

Current Tipsy Taxi Schedule Friday: 7:00pm-3:00am Saturday: 2:00pm-3:00am (Special events by appointment only.) Tipsy Taxi is a fun, socially based student taxi service that operates in Boone. Tipsy Taxi will also go to the bars in Blowing Rock for a little more. Be sure to use Tipsy Taxi when you are out partying! Send in your party pictures and you could be featured as Free Rider of the Week and get pictured on the Website. Remember, the crazier the picture the better chance you have. Anything goes. Don't risk accidents or DUI Let Tipsy Taxi get you where you need to go! Our evening rates (after 9pm) are: In Town (Boone)- $3/ person with a minimum of $15, and a maximum of $25. We also have a lonely rider special of $10 Out of Town- $6/ person with a minimum of $25, and a maximum of $45 Way out of Town- $1.50/ mile with a minimum of $65 **Daytime rates are 1.5 times evening rates